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Previous EIBA Annual Conferences


The EIBA Annual Conference provides the main networking event and focal point of communication for EIBA members past, present, and future. At this annual meeting of the European Academy, usually held early to mid-December (in various European locations and occasionally outside Europe), presentations on new and on-going research as well as practice are discussed by academics and professionals in the field of International Business. 

Below is a historical perspective on the event, in descending chronological order – down to the first EIBA Annual Conference held in 1975. (For an overview of upcoming events, please visit the Future Conferences page of this website.)

ATTENTION: EIBA is seeking proposals from universities to host the Annual Conference of the European International Business Academy (EIBA) in 2020 and beyond. If you and your university would like to express an interest, please contact the EIBA Chair, Philippe Gugler, via e-mail at the address philippe.gugler@unifr.ch. For more details, please refer to the Call for Proposals. DEADLINE for full proposals: Friday, 15 September 2017.

42nd EIBA Annual Conference - Vienna, 2-4 December 2016
http://eiba2016.eiba.org/  ♦  call for papers  ♦  proceedings
"Liabilities of Foreignness vs. the Value of Diversity: Conflict or Complement?"
Host: WU – Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
President: Jonas Puck

41st EIBA Annual Conference - Rio de Janeiro, 1-3 December 2015
http://eiba2015.eiba.org/  ♦  call for papers
"International Business after the BRIC’s Rush"
Host: Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
President: Jorge Carneiro (PUC-Rio) | Conference Co-Chair: Claude Obadia (ESCE-Paris)

40th EIBA Annual Conference - Uppsala, 11-13 December 2014
http://eiba2014.eiba.org/  ♦  flyer  ♦  call for papers  ♦  call for reviewers 
"The Future of Global Organizing"
Host: Uppsala University, Sweden
President: Rian Drogendijk

39th EIBA Annual Conference - Bremen, 12-14 December 2013
http://eiba2013.eiba.org/  ♦  flyer
"Transnational Firms, Markets and Institutions: New Challenges and Opportunities for International Business"
Host: University of Bremen, Germany
President: Sarianna Lundan

38th EIBA Annual Conference - Brighton, 7-9 December 2012
"International Business and Sustainable Development"
Co-Hosts: University of Sussex (venue) & King’s College London, UK
President: Roger Strange | Conference Co-Chair: Pervez Ghauri

37th EIBA Annual Conference - Bucharest, 8-10 December 2011
"Taking IB in Europe to the Next Level: Emerging Issues, Strategies and Economies"
Host: Faculty of International Business, Academy of Economic Studies
President: Liviu Voinea

36th EIBA Annual Conference - Porto, 9-11 December 2010
http://eiba2010.eiba.org/ | http://www.fep.up.pt/conferencias/eiba2010/index.html
"IB’S Role in Building a Better and Stronger Global Economy"
Host: School of Economics of the University of Porto
President: Ana Teresa Tavares-Lehmann

35th EIBA Annual Conference - Valencia, 13-15 December 2009
"Reshaping the Boundaries of the Firm in an Era of Global Interdependence"
Host: University of Valencia
President: José Pla Barber

34th EIBA Annual Conference - Tallinn, 11-13 December 2008
"IB and the Catching Up Economies: Challenges and Opportunities"
Co-Hosts: Tallinn School of Economics & Business Administration, and Tallinn University of Technology
President: Enn Listra

33rd EIBA Annual Conference - Catania, 13-15 December 2007
"International Business, Local Developments and Science-Technology Relationships"
Host: University of Catania
President: Grazia Santangelo

32nd EIBA Annual Conference - Fribourg, 7-9 December 2006
"Regional and National Drivers of Business Location and Competitiveness"
Host: University of Fribourg
President: Philippe Gugler

31st EIBA Annual Conference - Oslo, 10-13 December 2005
"Landscapes and Mindscapes in a Globalised World"
Host: BI Norwegian School of Management
President: Gabriel Benito

30th EIBA Annual Conference - Ljubljana, 5-8 December 2004
"Challenges to the International Business and Management"
Host: University of Ljubljana
President: Marjan Svetličič

29th EIBA Annual Conference - Copenhagen, 11-13 December 2003
"MNC as a Knowing Organisation"
Host: Copenhagen Business School
President: Torben Pedersen

28th EIBA Annual Conference - Athens, 8-10 December 2002
"Regional Integration, Agglomeration and International Business"
Host: Athens University of Economics & Business
President: Marina Papanastassiou

27th EIBA Annual Conference - Paris, 13-15 December 2001
"Alliances & Confrontations: Globalisation and the Logic of Trading Blocks"
Host: ESCP-EAP European School of Management
President: Alain Chevalier

26th EIBA Annual Conference - Maastricht, 10-12 December 2000
"European Business in the Global Network"
Host: Maastricht University, Faculty of Economics & Business Administration
President: John Hagedoorn

25th EIBA Annual Conference - Manchester, 12-14 December 1999
"International Business and the Global Services Economy"
Host: Manchester School of Management, UMIST
President: Fred Burton

24th EIBA Annual Conference - Jerusalem, 13-15 December 1998
"International Business Strategies and Middle East Regional Cooperation"
Host: Graduate School of Business Administration, Bar-Ilan University
President: Eugene Jaffe

23rd EIBA Annual Conference - Stuttgart, 14-16 December 1997
"Global Business in the Information Age"
Host: EXTEC (Centre for Research in Export and Technology Management), University Hohenheim
President: Klaus Macharzina

22nd EIBA Annual Conference - Stockholm, 15-17 December 1996
"Innovation and International Business"
Host: IIB (Institute of International Business), Stockholm School of Economics
Presidents: Gunnar Hedlund (†) & Orjan Solvell

21st EIBA Annual Conference - Urbino, 10-12 December 1995
"New Challenges for European and International Business"
Host: Università di Urbino, Facoltà di Economia
President: Roberto Schiattarella

20th EIBA Annual Conference - Warsaw, 11-13 December 1994
Host: International Management Centre of the University of Warsaw
President: Krzysztof Obloj

19th EIBA Annual Conference - Lisbon, 12-14 December 1993
Host: Centre for European Studies and Documentation of the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestao - Technical University Lisbon
President: Vitor Corado Simoes

18th EIBA Annual Conference - Reading, 13-15 December 1992
Host: University of Reading
President: John Cantwell

17th EIBA Annual Conference - Copenhagen, 15-17 December 1991
Host: Copenhagen Business School
President: Harald Vestergaard (†)

16th EIBA Annual Conference - Madrid, 12-15 December 1990
Host: Centro Internacional Carlos V, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
President: Juan José Duran

15th EIBA Annual Conference - Helsinki, 17-19 December 1989
Host: Helsinki School of Economics
President: Reijo Luostarinen

14th EIBA Annual Conference - Berlin, 11-13 December 1988
Host: Universität Dortmund
President: Hans Günter Meissner (†)

13th EIBA Annual Conference - Antwerp, 13-15 December 1987
Host: University of Antwerp - RUCA
President: Danny Van Den Bulcke (†)

12th EIBA Annual Conference - London, 20-21 November 1986
Host: City University London
Presidents: Neil Hood (†) & Danny Van Den Bulcke (†)

11th EIBA Annual Conference - Glasgow, 15-17 December 1985
Host: Strathclyde Business School
President: Neil Hood (†)

10th EIBA Annual Conference - Rotterdam, 16-19 December 1984
Host: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
President: Roland Schuit (†)

9th EIBA Annual Conference - Oslo, 18-20 December 1983
Host: Norwegian School of Management
President: Pal Korsvold

8th EIBA Annual Conference - Fontainebleau, 19-21 December 1982
President: José de la Torre

7th EIBA Annual Conference - Barcelona, 17-19 December 1981
Host: IESE
President: Barto Roig (†)

6th EIBA Annual Conference - Antwerp, 10-13 December 1980
Host: UFSIA (University of Antwerp)
President: Sylvain Plasschaert

5th EIBA Annual Conference - London, 12-14 December 1979
Host: London Business School
President: John Stopford (†)

4th EIBA Annual Conference - Dortmund, 14-16 December 1978
Host: Universität Dortmund
President: Hans Günther Meissner (†)

3rd EIBA Annual Conference - Uppsala, 14-17 December 1977
Host: CIF (Centre for International Business) at the Department of Business Administration, Uppsala University
President: Lars-Gunnar Mattsson

2nd EIBA Annual Conference - Brussels, 16-17 December 1976
Host: EIASM (European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management)
President: Michel Ghertman

1st EIBA Annual Conference - Jouy-en-Josas, 15-16 December 1975
Host: CESA (Centre d'Enseignement Supérieur des Affaires)
President: James Leontiades