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Doctoral Tutorial

In 1987, in conjunction with the EIBA Annual Conference held in Antwerp, the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) and the European International Business Association [later changed to 'Academy'] (EIBA) launched the first EIBA / EIASM Doctoral Tutorial in International Business. This event designed for PhD students was organised by Danny Van Den Bulcke (University of Antwerp) – who chaired it for 17 years, until 2004 when he was succeeded by co-chairs John Cantwell (Rutgers University) and Udo Zander (Stockholm School of Economics). In 2009, the Doctoral Tutorial was renamed the John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial in International Business (JHD-DT) as a tribute to the late John H. Dunning.

In 2010, John Cantwell stepped down and Jean-François Hennart (Tilburg University) stepped in to co-chair the John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial (EIBA 2010 Porto). In 2011, Udo Zander stepped down and Rebecca Piekkari (Aalto University School of Business) took on the role of co-chair for the 25th JHD Doctoral Tutorial (EIBA 2011 Bucharest). To mark the 25th anniversary of the JHD-DT, EIBA 2011 featured a commemorative panel session on the Doctoral Tutorial, including tributes to the founders and testimonials from participants. At the end of this special session, a small token of appreciation was presented to the guest of honour, Danny Van Den Bulcke (Honorary Chair of the EIBA Doctoral Tutorial). In 2015, Rebecca Piekkari stepped down and Gabriel R. G. Benito (BI Norwegian Business School) stepped in as co-chair of the JHD-DT (with Jean-François Hennart).

The main objective of the EIASM / EIBA John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial in International Business (JHD-DT) is to provide an opportunity for doctoral students in the field of International Business to discuss their research plans and works-in-progress with a distinguished international faculty as well as with their fellow PhD students; a secondary purpose is to acquaint them with an international network of professionals and experts linked to the field of International Business (IB).

Many influential IB scholars have acted as faculty of the EIBA Doctoral Tutorial. In the early years, there were about 10-15 PhD applicants. Since then, a yearly average of 40-50 doctoral students have applied to the John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial. Regrettably, only 10 students per year can be accepted and invited to present their doctoral projects to the faculty in a structured one-day format. The doctoral project with the most potential (selected by the faculty immediately following the event) is awarded the EIBA Best Doctoral Thesis Proposal in International Business Award, consisting of a certificate and money prize. (Winners are usually announced at the awards ceremony held during the EIBA Annual Conference dinner.)

Participating students are expected to register for and attend the EIBA Annual Conference. (The JHD-DT is a closed, complimentary pre-conference event for those registered PhD student participants who have previously applied for and been accepted to present at the EIBA Doctoral Tutorial.)

NOTE: Submissions not accepted for the Doctoral Tutorial may be considered for the Doctoral Symposium (see historical facts below and the related event page on this website for more info); however, there is no guarantee of acceptance (implied or otherwise) for any EIBA doctoral event – the final decisions rest solely with the respective event organisers.

Information on the 33rd John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial (JHD-DT) to be held at EIBA 2019 in Leeds, UK, on December 13, 2019:

The Doctoral Tutorial is organised in close collaboration with the EIBA Annual Conference team (for on-site logistics) together with the administrative support of the EIBA Secretariat (located at EIASM). Those responsible for the organisation of the 2019 JHD-DT are listed below:

  • Chairs of the 33rd John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial
    Gabriel R. G. Benito (BI Norwegian Business School), Co-Chair | Jean-François Hennart (Tilburg University), Co-Chair

  • EIBA 2019 Leeds Conference Organizers
    Timothy Devinney (LUBS), EIBA President / Conference Chair | Elizabeth (Beth) Rose (LUBS), Conference Co-Chair

  • EIBA Secretariat
    Marion Hebbelynck (EIASM), Administrative Coordinator) | Ene Kannel (EIASM), EIBA Executive Secretary


In 2012, as initiated by President Roger Strange and in conjunction with the EIBA Annual Conference held at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK, the European International Business Academy (EIBA) together with the support of the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) launched the first EIBA / EIASM Doctoral Symposium in International Business (EIBA-DS). This doctoral event, designed for PhD students in the early stages of their thesis, continues to be offered annually, and provides an added incentive to attract and increase the number of student participants at the EIBA Annual Conference. The inaugural EIBA Doctoral Symposium was chaired by Jeremy Clegg (University of Leeds) along with Ödül Bozkurt (University of Sussex). As of 2013, Elizabeth (Yi) Wang (University of Leeds) co-chaired the event with Jeremy Clegg. In late 2016, Igor Kalinic (University of Leeds) joined the team – and Jeremy Clegg stepped down as lead chair at the end of the year. In 2017, EIBA Fellow Rebecca Piekkari (Aalto University) was nominated chair of the event (with vice chairs Elizabeth (Yi) Wang & Igor Kalinić) – and the EIBA Doctoral Symposium was officially renamed the Danny Van Den Bulcke Doctoral Symposium in International Business (DVDB-DS) in honour of the late Danny Van Den Bulcke (Past EIBA Chairman & EIBA Fellow) who devoted much of his professional life to promoting IB and mentoring PhD students around the world. [For more information and details on the DVDB-DS events, please refer to the Doctoral Symposium page of this website.]

At EIBA 2010 in Porto, a doctoral event was launched for PhD projects specifically related to emerging and transition economies. This initiative, sponsored by COST and organised jointly with EIBA, was the result of a collaborative agreement that ran for the four-year period 2010-2013 (i.e., up to and including the EIBA 2013 Bremen conference). This tutorial was known as the COST–EIBA Doctoral Think Tank (following the COST jargon), with COST sponsoring the travel and accommodation for those eligible and selected to present their proposals each year, as well as covering the student registration fees for the EIBA Annual Conference (which was treated as an integral component of the event). The winner of the COST–EIBA Doctoral Think Tank Proposal Award was presented with a certificate. The co-chairs of the Doctoral Think Tank were Lucia Piscitello (Politecnico di Milano) & Danny Van Den Bulcke (University of Antwerp).