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MRQ Best Reviewer Prize

The Management Review Quarterly (MRQ) sponsors the MRQ Best Reviewer Prize – awarded to the best overall Reviewer of the EIBA Annual Conference (as selected by the organizers based on feedback & nominations from Track Chairs). The recently established EIBA Best Reviewer Award (certificate) was launched by the organizers of EIBA 2015 (Rio de Janeiro) to publicly recognize the invaluable contribution of volunteer Reviewers – who generously donate their time and energy to read through papers and provide constructive comments to authors of EIBA Annual Conference submissions – thus indirectly helping to shape the future of International Business research as well as set the stage for high-quality EIBA conferences. The MRQ money prize sponsorship of the EIBA Best Reviewer Award was initiated the following year at EIBA 2016 (Vienna).

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2016 – MRQ Best Reviewer Prize
Susan FREEMAN (University of South Australia)
– for delivering in-depth and constructive reviews of outstanding quality for papers submitted to the EIBA 2016 Vienna Conference.

2015 – EIBA Best Reviewer Award
Katrin HELD (University of Hamburg)
– for having been unanimously nominated as the best overall reviewer of the papers submitted to the EIBA 2015 Rio Conference.