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EIBA Fellows

The EIBA Fellows initiative was established at the 27th EIBA Annual Conference held in Paris in December 2001. EIBA Fellowships recognise outstanding research and educational achievements in the field of International Business, together with contributions to EIBA. The Founding Fellows elected by EIBA in 2001 were: John Cantwell, John H. Dunning, Seev Hirsch, and Reijo Luostarinen. The EIBA Fellows subsequently elected John Dunning as their first Dean, and John Cantwell was appointed as the first Secretary / Treasurer. The Fellows themselves elect new EIBA Fellows.

The EIBA Fellows consist of a group of senior scholars who individually and collectively represent a distinctively European contribution to thinking in the greater field of International Business. The Fellows are actively engaged in a number of worthy initiatives in support of EIBA and its objectives.

  • Gabriel R.G. BENITO
  • Peter BUCKLEY
  • John CANTWELL  {Dean of EIBA Fellows}
  • John H. DUNNING (†)
  • Juan DURAN
  • Pervez GHAURI
  • Philippe GUGLER
  • John HAGEDOORN  {inactive}
  • Jean-François HENNART
  • Seev HIRSCH
  • Jorma LARIMO
  • Sarianna LUNDAN
  • Reijo LUOSTARINEN (†)
  • Lars-Gunnar MATTSSON  {inactive}
  • Krzysztof OBLOJ
  • Torben PEDERSEN
  • Rebecca PIEKKARI
  • Lucia PISCITELLO  {Secretary / Treasurer}
  • Vítor Corado SIMÕES
  • Örjan SÖLVELL
  • Marjan SVETLIČIČ

As stated in their Constitution, the objectives of the EIBA Fellows are: (i) to recognize outstanding contributions to the scholarship and practice of international business; (ii) to exercise a leadership role in education and scholarship in the field – particularly among European-based teachers and researchers; (iii) to support and encourage the development of EIBA; and (iv) to provide a forum for interaction among the EIBA Fellows as well as for the dissemination of knowledge in the field of International Business.

The EIBA Fellows meet annually and undertake to arrange one plenary or semi-plenary session at each EIBA Annual Conference, with the agreement of the conference organisers. The intention of the EIBA Fellows is that the theme of the Fellows' Session will be broad, have a visionary purpose, and be open to multidisciplinary viewpoints. This topic is intended to deal with thematic perspectives rather than empirical details, reflecting the bigger picture of scholarship and the global economy, yet with some appeal to practitioners as well as to academics. The EIBA Fellows are also engaged in a number of other initiatives in support of the European International Business Academy (EIBA).

For a list of EIBA Honorary Fellows, visit the EIBA Distinguished Honorary Fellowship page under the menu item 'Awards'.