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EIBA aims to serve as a core network for the promotion of global communication, knowledge transfer, and exchanges of ideas, within the greater field of International Business (IB). Membership is open to individuals from Europe and elsewhere. Each year EIBA attracts about 500 members from over 50 countries representing all five continents.

EIBA is a professional society for academics, practitioners, and others interested in the evolving IB spectrum. Benefits of EIBA membership include an IBR journal subscription and full online e-PIBR access for the current year. If you teach, practice, or are conducting research in International Business – or if you simply wish to be informed of the latest developments in this ever-evolving field – EIBA is for you!

EIBA organises an Annual Conference that is hosted each year in early to mid-December by a renowned institution in Europe (or occasionally abroad). As pre-conference activities, the EIBA Doctoral Tutorial and the EIBA Doctoral Symposium for PhD students are featured, among other special events of interest to IB scholars and professionals. Several prestigious best paper and other recognition awards are presented during each EIBA Annual Conference.

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EIBA 2019 Leedshttp://www.eiba2019.eiba.org

E-mail inquiries about EIBA 2019 Leeds to: eiba2019@leeds.ac.uk

33rd John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial (JHD-DT)
8th Danny Van Den Bulcke Doctoral Symposium (DVDB-DS)
5th EIBA Early Career Network Workshop (EIBA-ECN-PDW)


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