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Progress in International Business Research (PIBR)

Progress in International Business Research – the official book series of the European International Business Academy in partnership with Emerald – is a yearly publication outlet for quality research presented at the EIBA Annual Conference. Each volume of this acclaimed book series encompasses empirical as well as conceptual research papers over a broad range of International Business (IB) topics. No preference is given to any particular theoretical or methodological perspectives, although the focus of some volumes is based on the theme of the previous year's EIBA conference; however, this does not preclude the publication of high-quality contributions sourced from outside the EIBA community. The PIBR target audience consists mainly of IB scholars and related fields such as Strategic Management, Marketing, and Organization Studies – but this multidisciplinary book series also aims to reach educators, policy-makers, and the business community at large.

For more details & the list of available volumes, please see the PIBR book series pages on the Emerald website.
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⇒ For EIBA members  Full online access to PIBR for current EIBA members only is available via the secure society link https://www.eiba.org/pibr BONUS ⇒ Along with PIBR, full online access to four business journals is being offered as part of Emerald's enhanced society service *: Competitiveness Review / European Business Review / International Marketing Review / International Journal of Emerging Markets /.

Progress in International Business Research

Volumes published to date in the PIBR book series:

* As part of an ongoing collaboration, current EIBA members have full access to the following Emerald Publishing eBook and eJournal content:

Progress in International Business Research

Progress in International Business Research – see the description & links to published PIBR Volumes above.

European Business Review

European Business Review aims to publish innovative, straightforward, challenging, thought-provoking quality articles - as well as insights and foresights - in the field of general management. The journal's content aspires to be relevant and interesting to a wide readership, which adds to the understanding and discussion of business and academia worldwide. This includes the analysis of practitioner- and scholarly-oriented topics, as well as the uni- and bi-directional influences within and across the boundaries of business and academia.

Competitiveness Review

Competitiveness Review aims to be the leading platform for academic research and conceptual policy dialogue on the competitiveness of locations. Competitiveness, understood as the set of factors, institutions and activities that enable a location to sustain a high level of prosperity and companies located there to compete successfully, requires an inclusive, cross-discipline perspective. Competitiveness Review has a global focus, covering locations at all stages of economic development.

International Marketing Review

International Marketing Review (IMR) is a journal that has, as its core remit, the goal of publishing research that pushes back the boundaries of international marketing knowledge. IMR does this by publishing novel research ideas, and by publishing papers that add substance to, question the basic assumptions of, reframe, or otherwise shape what we think we know within in the international marketing field. IMR is pluralistic, publishing papers that are conceptual, quantitative-empirical, or qualitative-empirical.

International Journal of Emerging Markets

International Journal of Emerging Markets (IJoEM) publishes high quality research focusing on issues related to business in emerging markets from multidisciplinary (economics, finance, marketing, and management) and multinational geographic perspectives. IJoEM especially encourages comparative studies of emerging markets or studies comparing the emerging markets with the developed markets, and seeks theories explaining the contextual differences.