In September 2010, the European International Business Academy (EIBA) reached a mutual agreement with the Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA) to enable interested EIBA members in becoming contributors to FITA’s new website GlobalTrade.net as International Business experts.

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EIBA encourages its members (especially practitioners) to post contributions within their fields of expertise on the GlobalTrade.net website https://globaltrade.net. It is envisioned that the active participation of the International Business (IB) community as initiated by EIBA and its member contributors would enhance the services being offered to GT.net website visitors, composed mainly of managers specialized in international trade located all over the world. This internet resource is targeted towards business people, so contributions should be made with this audience in mind. [NOTE: GlobalTrade.net is not an academic research website.]

The Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA) continues to build its online resource GlobalTrade.net – a public website where professionals are able to locate service providers and information for their international business operations. Contributors are invited to post any relevant content they may have (such as market research reports, tips, surveys, statistics, news flows, webinars, video tutorials, conferences, tradeshows. etc.) on GlobalTrade.net, thereby sharing their expertise and knowledge with a wider range of trade experts and professionals while gaining internet exposure for themselves and their businesses.

FITA's Strategic Partners in the program are: United Kingdom Trade & Investment (UKTI), Thomasnet, and Kompass, among others. Much of the content on GlobalTrade.net is also featured on partner websites, so any items posted can potentially reach more than 20 million international trade focused web users worldwide.

FITA's Contributing Partners (including EIBA) are private, non-profit or government organizations that have agreed to encourage contributors to join GlobalTrade.net from amongst their members and related professional networks.

Your profile on GlobalTrade.net is your opportunity to promote your expertise and service offerings! Your GT.net profile is directly linked to any contributions you post. The more relevant content you post, the greater chance there is for your personal or company profile to be seen by others.

For more information on GlobalTrade.net, please consult the website https://www.globaltrade.net/ or send an e-mail inquiry to info@globaltrade.net.