Danny Van Den Bulcke (1939-2014)

Danny Van Den Bulcke (1939-2014)In January 2014, EIBA lost a great Fellow, friend and mentor – Danny Van Den Bulcke.

Those who knew (of) him were invited to share their condolences, memories and photos with the EIBA and International Business communities at large by visiting the commemorative website and open forum dedicated to Danny. Thanks to those of you who contributed for caring and sharing – qualities that defined Danny so well. Our loss is great, yet the burden is made lighter by the strong spirit of community and the promise of the future which Danny himself helped to shape. May Danny's legacy live on...

Tributes to Danny Van Den Bulcke (1939-2014) –
commemorative website (archived home page) | contributions (all tributes compiled)

NOTE: Since the original OurMemoryOf.com commemorative website is no longer available (offline as of mid-2022), an archived site was created by EIBA to restore as much of the data as possible; however, the tabs/links from the Home page to more Condolences and Photos no longer work – so, for the record, we carefully compiled all of the Tributes to Danny received by EIBA (in chronological order) that were previously posted and accessible on his memorial website.  

For any related inquiries, please contact the EIBA Secretariat (info@eiba.org).

Book (in 4 parts) celebrating Danny's 70th birthday (2009) – ITINERARIUM AMICORUM | Daniël Van Den Bulcke |
Travels with Danny: Experiences shared with a globetrotting 'International Business' professor from Belgium
Edited by Filip De Beule (KU Leuven); limited edition published by the University of Antwerp, Belgium, February 2009.