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EIBA is a professional society for academics and others interested in the multidisciplinary field of International Business (IB) that serves as a community network promoting research, global communication, knowledge transfer, life-long learning and exchanges of ideas. Membership is open to individuals from Europe and elsewhere. EIBA consists of about 500 members from over 50 countries worldwide.

EIBA yearly membership benefits include full online access to its associated journal IBR and the PIBR book series volumes (plus journals CR, EBR, IMR, IJoEM). If you teach, practice, or conduct research in IB – or if you simply wish to be kept informed of the latest developments in this ever-evolving field – EIBA is for you!

EIBA organises an Annual Conference hosted in early to mid-December by a renowned institution. Pre-conference activities feature the EIBA Doctoral Tutorial, the EIBA Doctoral Symposium for PhD students, the EIBA Early Career Network Workshop, and journal paper development worshops such as the IBR-PDW, among others. Some post-conference events may be organised, such as EIBA Workshops featuring notable experts. Several prestigious best paper and other recognition awards are presented during each EIBA Annual Conference.

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News & Updates

Call for Expressions of Interest to Host EIBA 2025+ closes April 20th see details of the bidding process if interested in hosting a future conference.
EIBA 2021 Madrid takes place December 10-12, 2021. Submission opened on April 15th – visit eiba2021.eiba.org for info and submit your paper by July 15th.
EIBA 2020 Online was held December 10-12, 2020 see the abstract proceedings of paper presentations, and the video channel showcasing EIBA 2020 Online Workshops held on Day 3 (available until the end of April 2021)...
As of 2021, EIBA members are entitled to full online access to IBR (EIBA's official journal), published by Elsevier via the secure member gateway www.eiba.org/ibrand a 30% discount off the Gold Open Access publication fee (for members only).
As of 2020, EIBA members have full online access to PIBR (EIBA's book series), published by Emerald – and also four business journals:
Competitiveness Review; European Business Review; International Marketing Review; International Journal of Emerging Marketsvia the secure member gateway www.eiba.org/pibr.

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46th EIBA Annual Conference  ► abstract proceedings...
EIBA 2020 Online (graphic link)

EIBA 2020 Onlinewww.eiba.online | eiba2020.eiba.org
"International Business in the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Era"
December 10-12, 2020   inquiries: eiba@wu.ac.at   video channel
[ secure access to videos available to EIBA 2020 Online participants until April 30, 2021 ]

EIBA 2021 Madrid (graphic link)
EIBA 2021 Madrid ► www.eiba2021.eiba.org
"Firms, Innovation & Location: Reshaping IB for Sustainable Development"
December 10-12, 2021  ► inquiries: eiba2021@ucm.es 


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