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Benefits of Profiles

Why is it important to complete and regularly update your EIBA / EIASM Profile?

Creating a personal / professional profile and keeping it updated with your current e-mail, affiliation, postal address, and contact details will enable you to:

  • receive announcements, newsletters and other information of value to your research and career;
  • receive the journal(s) linked to your membership(s) at your current & correct postal & e-mail addresses;
  • ensure that your contact details and VAT / GST number (optional) appear on invoices / receipts sent to you;
  • keep track of your Membership history (e.g., Associations, years, ID numbers, etc.).

NOTE: To avoid confusion and duplicate / multiple mailings, you should create and maintain only one Profile in this database!

Create a New Profile

If you are sure there is no existing Profile for you in the EIBA / EIASM database (i.e., you have tried via this and / or the EIASM website to Consult and / or Update your Profile), you are invited to Create a New Profile for yourself – as well as to regularly update it to ensure the accuracy and currency of your own personal data. 

ATTENTION: If you are a former EIBA member (or a member of another EIASM Association), you may already have an existing Profile – please use the Forgot Password? link to double-check (or try using previous E-mails as your Login) before creating another Profile...  

QUESTIONS? Should you encounter problems or have further questions, please send a detailed e-mail message to eiba@eiasm.be.