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EIBA Fellows Research Award for a Promising Young Scholar in IB

In 2005, the EIBA Fellows announced the launch of a new EIBA Fellows Research Award for a Promising Young Scholar in International Business. The winner of the award receives €15,000 (earmarked for living expenses). The purpose of this award is to help broaden the research programme of promising young scholars in the International Business field, to widen their network of research contacts by opening new research collaborations at an early stage of their academic careers, and to enhance the formation of international research exchange arrangements amongst international business scholars. The prize is awarded for conducting original research in a work environment, as opposed to the completion of any outstanding coursework requirements. Doctoral students who are officially registered as working on an International Business topic, or those who successfully defended such theses within the previous three years, are eligible to apply. The award is intended as a contribution towards living expenses, and the money is transferred directly to the research award recipient.

ATTENTION: Since 2009, numerous efforts to find sponsors for this important award have unfortunately failed; therefore, the EIBA Fellows Research Award has been discontinued until further notice. Should you be aware of a potential sponsor or have some possible leads in this regard, please contact the Dean of EIBA Fellows directly or via the EIBA Secretariat: info@eiba.org.


The EIBA Fellows Research Award for a Promising Young Scholar in IB was sponsored twice by Wandel & Goltermann Foundation (WGR).

  • 2008-2009: Award presented at EIBA 2008 in Tallinn to Jonas Puck of Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.
  • 2005-2006: Award presented at EIBA 2005 in Oslo to Jahan Peerally (from Mauritius) of HEC Montreal, Canada.