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General Assembly

The EIBA General Assembly provides an annual forum for EIBA members to participate in the management and decision-making process of their Academy. At this meeting, which is usually held in December during the EIBA Annual Conference, the EIBA Chair and Board invite EIBA members to review and officially approve the decisions taken throughout the year (by majority vote as stipulated in the EIBA Statutes), as well as to ask questions and air their views on relevant issues.

According to Article 4.6 of the EIBA Statutes: "The decisions of the General Assembly are recorded in a register (Minutes of the General Assembly), which is kept at the headquarters (social seat) of the association by the EIBA Executive Secretary, who keeps them at the disposal of the members."

Below are the dates of recent EIBA General Assemblies; should you wish to consult the Minutes of any of these meetings, please contact the EIBA Secretariat at the e-mail address info@eiba.org.

48th EIBA General Assembly – Oslo, December 10, 2022

47th EIBA General AssemblyMadrid, December 11, 2021

46th EIBA General Assembly – Online, December 11, 2020

45th EIBA General Assembly – Leeds, December 14, 2019

44th EIBA General Assembly – Poznań, December 14, 2018

43rd EIBA General Assembly – Milan, December 15, 2017

42nd EIBA General Assembly – Vienna, December 3, 2016

41st EIBA General Assembly – Rio de Janeiro, December 2, 2015

40th EIBA General Assembly – Uppsala, December 13, 2014

39th EIBA General Assembly – Bremen, December 14, 2013

38th EIBA General Assembly – Brighton, December 9, 2012

37th EIBA General Assembly – Bucharest, December 10, 2011

36th EIBA General Assembly – Porto, December 11, 2010