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JIBE International Trade & Industrial Organization in International Business Prize

The Economia e Politica Industriale (EPI): Journal of Industrial Business and Economics (JIBE) and the Associazione Amici di Economia e Politica Industriale jointly sponsored the JIBE International Trade & Industrial Organization in International Business Prize – awarded for the best paper in International Business (IB) at the intersection of International Trade (IT) and Industrial Organization (IO) presented at the EIBA Annual Conference. This 3-year best paper award and monetary prize sponsorship was initiated in 2017 by EIBA President Lucia Piscitello (Politecnico di Milano) as a new EIBA Award launched at the 43rd EIBA Annual Conference in Milan – with a view to offering EIBA members and IB scholars an additional potential outlet for their research work, as well as to promote awareness of the EPI:JIBE journal within the wider community of International Business scholars.
NOTE: The JIBE Prize was discontinued as of 2020 (once its 3-year sponsorship term and agreement with EIBA expired).

The 2017 JIBE Prize was awarded for the best EIBA 2017 Milan conference paper dealing with internationalization processes and combining the perspectives of IB, IT & IO – conditional on the willingness of the author(s) to contribute the winning paper (or a spin-off) to a Forum section of the journal based on the theme “International Business meets International Trade and Industrial Organization” scheduled to appear in EPI:JIBE in 2018. The recognition of the role of firm heterogeneity and the extensive use of firm-level data create the conditions for a convergence in theoretical and empirical approaches between the three disciplines.

Jury members for the JIBE Prize were selected from the EPI:JIBE editorial boards – which included distinguished scholars at the crossroads of the three disciplines above, such as: John Cantwell; Bruno Cassiman; Davide Castellani; Chiara Criscuolo; Andrea Goldstein; Axele Giroud; Simona Iammarino; Keld Laursen; Lucia Piscitello; Larissa Rabbiosi; Frances Ruane; Grazia Santangelo; Reinhilde Veugelers; Antonello Zanfei.

Information on EPI:JIBE is available here.


Konstantins BENKOVSKIS & Olegs TKACEVS (Bank of Latvia), Jaan MASSO & Priit VAHTER (University of Tartu, Estonia), & Naomitsu YASHIRO (OECD)
Export and Productivity in Global Value Chains: Comparative Evidence from Latvia and Estonia.

Marion BITSCH (University of Turku, Finland)
Addressing the Finance Gap in IB: Combining Export Finance and Export Promotion to Support Firms.

Bo NIELSEN (University of Sydney, Australia), Christian ASMUSSEN (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark),
Cecilie WEATHERALL & Ditte HAAKONSSON (Krak Fond Institute for Urban Economics Research, Denmark)
Foreign direct investment in subnational geographic locations.