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Membership Benefits

Among the many good reasons for joining EIBA are the following benefits of EIBA membership:

  • EIBA members are part of a European yet global network of professionals involved in International Business (IB) research, teaching and practice.
  • EIBA members participate in the EIBA Annual Conference (membership for the following year is included wtih conference registration). The yearly EIBA conference is held in various European locations each December. Along with the local touch, the event features high-level academic discussions and exchanges of ideas on IB research work and papers, panel sessions, keynote addresses, doctoral events, and paper development / research methods workshops. Various EIBA best paper prizes and other notable recognition awards are presented each year.
  • EIBA members receive 6 issues yearly via full online society access (and the option to purchase print subscriptions at a reduced EIBA member rate directly from the publisher, if desired) of EIBA’s associated journal International Business Review (IBR) published by Elsevier – a top-level IB publication – with Pervez Ghauri (University of Birmingham) previously serving as editor-in-chief, and as of 2021 with Roger Strange (University of Sussex) and Fang Lee Cooke (University of Melbourne) serving as co-editors-in-chief.
    As of 2021, full online access to IBR (via a secure EIBA society gateway) replaces the print version of the journal as a yearly membership benefit.
  • EIBA members have full online access to all available volumes of the EIBA book series Progress in International Business Research (PIBR) published by Emerald – including selected research papers from the EIBA Annual Conference as well as excellent IB teaching cases – currently co-edited by Rob van Tulder (RSM Erasmus University) and Alain Verbeke (University of Calgary), often featuring EIBA Presidents as guest editors.
    As of 2020, e-PIBR along with full online access to four notable business journals is offered as part of Emerald's enhanced service to current EIBA members: Competitiveness Review; European Business Review; International Marketing Review; International Journal of Emerging Markets.
  • EIBA members receive the semi-annual EIBAzine – International Business Perspectives e-newsletter (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter issues) – featuring a variety of EIBA and IB-related news, research developments, and academic contributions by scholars of all ages – currently co-edited by John Cantwell (Rutgers University) and Barbara Jankowska (Poznań University of Economics and Business).
  • EIBA members have the opportunity to propose and participate in developmental EIBA Workshops (EIBA-Ws) on specific fields and relevant topics associated with IB research, teaching, or management (see the EIBA 2020 Online Conference Program for Day 3 listings as examples).
    As of 2021, EIBA members are invited to submit EIBA-W proposals for consideration (subject to EIBA Board approval). Contact: info@eiba.org.
  • EIBA members receive and may occasionally circulate selected EIBA community announcements, with ready access to other relevant information outlets & discussions of interest to those in the International Business field (including this website, the EIBA Annual Conference websites, as well as EIBA's LinkedIn Group, etc.). Career opportunities can be posted on EIASM's online job markets by prospective employers – the site managed by EIBA is free-of-charge and is specifically targeted towards IB job postings.

Questions? For further info or help regarding EIBA memberships & benefits, online access to IBR and PIBR, please e-mail info@eiba.org.